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Visita TakeawayLanzarote.com | Elija Area de Distibucion | Elija su restaurante favorito . Añade tus productos a la cesta de la compra y proceda al pago (Ir a la caja) cuando usted termine de añadir productos. Puede optar por inscribirse como Miembro o puede hacer un Pago Instantáneo. Escoja su método de pago : Pago contra reembolso | Tarjetas  o Paypal. Confirme su orden y uno de nuestros chóferes se dirigirán al restaurante para recoger su comida, y luego entregar el pedido a usted.

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¿Preguntas? Llame nuestro equipo  0034 691 555 161. Cientos de empresas de catering. Y todos los dias, se están uniendo más . Desde pequeños independientes hasta grandes cadenas nacionales, empresas de catering en toda la isla se están uniendo in Takeaway Lanzarote, y viendo los pedidos .

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Descarga la app Restaurantes a Domicilio Takeaway Lanzarote Restaurantes y Comida a Domicilio App en Google Play   Descarga la app Takeaway Lanzarote App in App Store, Restaurants Delivery Lanzarote. Restaurantes de Comida para llevar y restaurantes a domicilio Takeaway Lanzarote. Pida comida para llevar de su restaurante a domicilio favorito. Comida China a Domicilio, Comida Hindue para llevar, comida italiana, pizzas, kebabs, hamburguesas a domicilio, sushi Lanzarote. .

Pizzas | Kebab | Comida India | Comida China | Pasta Italiana | Comida Española y Canaria | Comida Griega | Comida Portuguesa a Domicilio - Restaurante Atlantico Entrega Gratuita a Domicilio Playa Blanca Lanzarote .

Restaurantes a Domicilio Lanzarote : Restaurantes a Domicilio Playa BlancaEl Mejor Restaurante a Domicilio Playa Blanca LanzaroteTodos los Restaurantes a Domicilio Playa Blanca | Playa Blanca - Comida a DomicilioAtlantico Restaurante Playa Blanca |  Puerto del Carmen Restaurantes a Domicilio  | Yaiza | Puerto Calero | Restaurantes a Domicilio Costa TeguiseComida a Domicilio Costa TeguiseBebidas a Domicilio Costa Teguise |  Arrecife | Playa Honda Restaurantes a Domicilio  | San Bartolome | Haria | Macher | Femes . Alcohol a Domicilio 24 horas Lanzarote

Takeaways Lanzarote : Playa Blanca | Puerto del Carmen | Yaiza | Puerto Calero | Costa Teguise | Arrecife | Playa Honda | San Bartolome | Haria | Macher | Femes .

Grupo TakeawaySpain - Líder en Ventas En línea de Reparto a Domicilio de Comida de los mejores Restaurantes de Lanzarote | Servicios de entrega Lanzarote | 24/7 - Apoyo y Atencion al Cliente

Huge Exposure with ours Marketing Channels - TakeawaySpain Group | Takeaways Canary Islands | Takeaway Lanzarote - dedicated Team to find and connect Customers with local takeout Restaurants.

Take advantage of our Advertising Network Channel and make yourself visible all over the Canary Islands !!! Where is your Restaurant / Takeaway Promoted ? We are working with WebComercioSoluciones.es™ Experts Marketing Team to get you more customers everyday !

TakeawayLanzarote.com Marketing Team use the latest technologies and web tools to promote and grow your business. We have years of experience in guiding Restaurant' s Owners to develop strategies to interact with existing and new Customers . Our advertising campaigns are customized to your needs, scalable to your growth, and will provide you a communication channel that is easily accessible to all of your Customer .

TakeawayLanzarote™ continuosly implement Marketing Campaigns through Social Media Sites, Print (flyers, local newspappers and gazettes) and Corporate Sites such as : www.takeawaylanzarote.com | www.takeawaylanzarote.es | www.puertodelcarmentakeaway.com | www.comidaparallevarlanzarote.com | www.deliverylanzarote.com | www.lanzarotecomidadomicilio.com | www.lanzarotetakeaways.es | www.lanzarotedialadrink.com | www.lanzarotetakeaways.com| www.arrecifetakeawayfood.com | www.playablancatakeaway.com .

For Restaurants

We own and operate over 50 online food & drinks delivery websites with a proven audience , bringing daily new Customers to all our Restaurants Owners .Once listed in our site we'll do our best to expose your business all over Canary Islands. We make it easy for customers to find you and to order from your Restaurant / Takeaway. What we bring to your Restaurant ?

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Flickr, Google+, Blogs updated daily and many more) , television, radio, print marketing (flyers, gazettes, newspappers) all working to bring you more orders.
Accept orders through our mobile app, websites and even your own custom site. Customers on our sites browse your menu and place an order from their computer or mobile app. Once that’s done, our system sends you the order to be made and delivered just like you do now. The only difference is that you’ll be doing it more often.
New tools, like our TakeawayLanzarote™ Ecommerce Software , will streamline and simplify your transactions and order management. Not a Computer Savvy ? We process the orders ! All you need to do is prepare delicious food!

For Drivers

Make money with your car when you deliver people food from their favorite Takeaway restaurants. Becoming a TakeawayLanzarote Delivery Partner is easy. The hours are flexible. Create your own schedule, work when you want. If you describe yourself as a people person and positive-attitude-haver, with killer communication skills and a knack for being on time, and you meet the driver application requirements ... Please apply!

Reliable Vehicle, Valid Driving Licence, Clean Driving Record, Auto Insurance. Sound Like You? You pick when you want to work, and earn competitive pay when you do. (plus the Tips are all yours )
Meet cool customers, restaurant employees, and other delivery drivers. Call 0034 656973060 and join the TakeawayLanzarote Delivery Network.
Interested to become a TakeawayLanzarote.com Delivery Partner, find out more about what you will transport on www.takeawaylanzarote.com .

For Corporate Accounts

We can feed your Office !We're now offering corporate accounts through our sister site TakeawayLanzarote.com. Yep, your company can now order lunch for the whole gang in the simplest way possible.Easy ordering Process for single meals, large group orders and catering orders to feed the whole office.

Easier ordering for single meals, large group orders and catering orders to feed the whole office. We addapt and update the ordering process to suit all type of customers needs.
Our Ecommerce Software provides individualized checkout pages to help track and manage budgets and billing. We create a platform for easy and effective communication between the Restaurants / Takeaways and the Offices . For quote , please contact the B2B Team , on 0034 656 973060 .
TakeawayLanzarote seeks to undestand various businesses needs and to automate the complete business process between Restaurants and offices, improving efficiency in the trade business and eliminating the paper work .

Order high-quality takeaway online from top restaurants in Lanzarote, fast delivery straight to your home or office .Get amazing food from an incredible selection of local restaurants .

Pizzas | Kebab | Indian Food | Chinese Food | Italian Pasta | Spanish and Canarian Food | Greek Food | Portuguese Food .Takeaways Lanzarote : Playa Blanca | Puerto del Carmen | Yaiza | Puerto Calero | Costa Teguise | Arrecife | Playa Honda | San Bartolome | Haria | Macher | Femes .

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